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Peripheral Milit_Urb 29

[Image: NYT / Baghdad: City of walls.]

Iraq and Afghanistan, sittin’ in a tree….

Baghdad: City of walls // Divided Cities // A Year in Iraq and Afghanistan // Pentagon Rethinks Old Doctrine on 2 Wars // The Economic Cost of War in Iraq and Afghanistan // 283 Bases, 170,000 Pieces of Equipment, 140,000 Troops, and an Army of Mercenaries: The Logistical Nightmare in Iraq // Withdrawal. // U.S. starts to leave key Iraq bases // Cost of war in Afghanistan soars to £2.5bn // Battle Over Bases

[Image: Afghanistan's Perilous Roads: Allies Struggle to Find Safer Supply Routes.]

Infrastructural Inhibitors/Enhancers

For War Supply Routes, U.S. Looks Even in Iran // US finds new Afghan supply route // Al Qaeda builds a 'Shadow Army' // // The Saharan Conundrum // Secret U.S. Unit Trains Commandos in Pakistan // An Anti-Iranian Enclave in Iraq Fights to Stay // Pinned Down, a Sprint to Escape Taliban Zone // In remote Afghan valley, a rare peace sprouts with insurgents // Iraq's quiet healthcare crisis

[Image: Iraq’s Widows, NYT.]

Refugee'd to Death

Iraq's Invisible Refugees and Widows // Afghan Civilian Deaths Rose 40 Percent in 2008 // Afghan women who turn to immolation // The Most Pervasive Combat Injury Among U.S. Soldiers is Invisible -- and the Pentagon Has Tried to Keep it That // Forgotten Warriors: Injured war zone contractors fight to get care // Life in the world’s largest refugee settlement // Nearly 20,000 Murders in Iraq Since War's Start

[Image: Documenting the return of U.S. war dead.]

Why 10,000 Ugandans are eagerly serving in Iraq // The soldiers who can no longer fight // Donkey ‘suicide’ bombing is latest tactic against patrols

[Image: Babylon Ruins Reopen in Iraq, to Controversy.]

Touring it all in

Travelers, Your Tour Bus Is Boarding for Basra // No frills tourism - in Iraq // a baghdad shantytown // Afghanistan’s First National Park (Deep blue lakes) // Civilians Reassert Themselves in U.S. Foreign Policy // The Future of the Military -- Perhaps // Military embraces green energy // After the green economy, green security

Shock Doc in Effect

Empire Foreclosed // Americans Accused of Stealing Fuel in Iraq // Some U.S. troops tempted by reconstruction cash // Corruption Undercuts Hopes for Afghan Police // $1,000 for a kebab? Afghan villages fight corruption // Corruption and incompetence cripple Afghan reconstruction effort, say aid workers // Kellogg Brown & Root LLC Pleads Guilty to Foreign Bribery Charges and Agrees to Pay $402 Million Criminal Fine

[Image: Rebuilding Gaza _ world faces daunting challenge.]


Israel Treated Gaza Like Its Own Private Death Laboratory // Once You See What Truly Happened in Gaza, it Will Change You Forever // Gaza case studies: Weapons use // Israeli limits stymie Gaza rebuilding // Pots of urine, feces on the walls - how IDF troops vandalized Gaza homes // Human Rights Group Demands a Freeze on West Bank Quarries // In ruins for 18 months, a Palestinian enclave languishes in disrepair // Homeless in Gaza // Actor Romola Garai visits a Syrian refugee camp // Palestine *lego-town to go ahead // In Village, Palestinians Face Gas With Rocks // Israel Breaks Up "Arab Capital" Events In Jerusalem // Israel's Dirty Secrets in Gaza: It Was Pure Murder // Israel Used Phosphorus to Torch Hamas Hideouts // Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza's Economy // Barbed Wire in Bethlehem // Little hope in Gaza aftermath // Palestinian graffiti spreads message of peace

[Image: Chicago architects' big-boned border station wins national design award.]

Of Hermetic Impossibility

Newly Released Secret Memos Provide the Blueprint for Bush's Police State // Re-evaluation of National Security Ordered // Inheriting Halliburton's Army // ARCO discovery: Corporate Armies by PSJM // Detention Decisions

Emerald Corrections Building New ICE Detention Center in Mineral Wells // After Six Years, Still No Tamper-Proof Shipping Containers // New London Embassy // Drawing the void // Tribal Raids and Medieval Defenses // The Architecture of Instruction // BIDs Bring Down Crime

[Image: Anti-teenager “pink lights to show up acne”.]

Government draws up security strategy for London 2012 // Pub is closed by Monty Python grenade // Police warn that Britain faces summer of rage due to recession // Robot planes take to the skies // Black Hawks to train over Melbourne // Filling the Skies with Assassins // White House Apologizes for Air Force Flyover // US refuses to let jet into its airspace because it is carrying a journalist who criticizes US foreign policy

Armed America: Behind a broadening run on guns // U.S. Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace // California Towns Fight Back Against Justice Department Suit to Overturn Youth Protection Act that Bars Military from Recruiting Minors // Protests at the G20 summit // For Sale: Russia's 'Anti-Democracy Truck' // Spotlight Falls On Tactics Of Policing Protests // 'Locking down' Georgia's capital // G20 police blog boasts about a 'good kicking' a day after the death of Ian Tomlinson // Kettling: another special relationship // Masked Superheroes Patrol Cincinnati Streets // new criminals fight crime in Rio

[Image: My street in Gaza.]


WIRED FOR WAR: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century // The Coming Swarm // ‘Cyberspace and Security: Issues and Concerns’ // Duo’s Second Prison Escape Embarrasses Greek Officials // Twenty Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis // S.F. may crack down on 'flash mob' antics // Resource Hogs: Greening Prison Infrastructure // soft Tokyo // A Second 9/11 in Slow Motion // Infrastructure Dept.: Light Fight // Military Translators at War // Professors in the Trenches: Deployed Soldiers and Social Science Academics // UCLA researchers study social forces shaping human behavior during war // Academic lecture on the theory of war as conducted in Starcraft // Wars Abroad Continue at Home // Killings and Concentration Camps: A Colossal Humanitarian Tragedy is Underway in Sri Lanka and No One is Saying a Word // Military Futurism // GWOT, R.I.P. // U.S. Cities Vulnerable to Mumbai-Like Attacks // You are being lied to about pirates // Forget Star Wars. It’s Back To Colonial Warfare // On jumpy Israel-Lebanon frontier, a quiet drug war // Hey, Anderson Cooper -- Stop Stoking Racist Fears About Mexican Drug Cartels Invading U.S. Cities // Tibetan lama on trial for weapons charge in China // Typologies of Borders and Migration // The Image of the (Failed) City : Spillover

[Image: Forward Intelligence Teams.]


The architectural photographer as terrorist // NYPD's enforcement of non-existent subway photo-ban costing taxpayers a fortune in lawsuits // Britain's no-photographing-cops law: even the cops hate it // Police delete London tourists' photos 'to prevent terrorism' // NYPD Cuts Cops, Keeps Spycams for Terror Defense // Special Forces' Gigapixel Flying Spy Sees All // Landlord fights police plan for CCTV at pub // Did UCLA Profs Just Find Osama? Only if He's an Idiot // Using Crappy Geographic Methods to Not Find Osama bin Laden // Chicago Links Street Cameras to Its 911 Network // UK's top snoop gets finked out by her neighbours // FBI planting spies in U.S. mosques // FBI and American Muslims at odds // New Database Tells Big Brother You're Uninsured // Big Brother is watching your iPhone // Eyeball spy turns the tables on Big Brother // Behind the cameras // Our ears may have built-in passwords // What's in the Bag? 3-D Scanners for Airports // LIVE from the inside of a carry-on xray machine // Cell Phone Towers Pretending To Be Trees // Lights! Camera! Action! // Invisibility cloak edges closer

[Image: Airports Seek Thermal-Scan Solution to Swine Flu Spread.]

FBI Nabs Robbers With Google Map, Spycam Mashup // Google Wants You to Profile Yourself // Old Japanese maps on Google Earth unveil secrets // Google Street View does not breach privacy laws // Google Earth: The Desktop Treasure Hunter

Dr. Bob's Terror Shop // Clandestine defense hub prepares to open at UM // Oaxaca Mapping // Justice Dept. Reins in Surveillance Program // Emotional Cartography // The Road to Area 51 // U.S. Military Satellites

[Image: Danger Room, Air Force to Unleash 'Gorgon Stare' on Squirting Insurgents.]


Stimulus to Pay for 'Greening' of the Military // Scientist Looks to Weaponize Ball Lightning // Videogame Technology Helps With Disaster Planning // Tracking Down Gaza War's Deadly, Mysterious Cubes // Darpa Wants a Lab for Sim Afghanistans // Simulated Suicide for Laser-Training Troops // Mini-Bots, Missile Boats in Israel's Gaza Attack // Meet the CIA's Shrink // Inside the (Hypothetical) Somalia War Room // Feds Turn to 'Brain Music' to Boost Emergency Worker Performance // Military Bases Block Official Army Tweets

[Image: WWII internment camps part of park system.]


Brutalitaet in Stein // Albert Speer in Korea // North Korea Reopens Military Hot Line // Architecture During Wartime // British architect makes war-damaged Berlin's cultural heart whole again // Serbs ordered to pay for mosques // Paris liberation made 'whites only' // One Giant Step for Kazakhstan: The High-Flying Hopes of a Cosmodrome // War and Medicine exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London // Photos from Pripyat, abandoned Chernobyl workers' town // Chernobyl 'shows insect decline' // Walking through the Dead Zone // The Forbidden Forest // Hanford Nuclear Reservation: A Look at the Nation's Most Polluted Nuclear Weapons Production Site // Images Unseen, Images Unknown // What Plane?

World Cup invitation brings down final part of Iron Curtain // Berlin Wall given a facelift as freedom painters return // Cold War haunts Armenian border // Cold War Bunker Becomes Modern Mansion // Art of Two Germanys, Cold War Cultures // Images of a Lost World: East Germany, Up Close and Personal // New Looks at the Fields of Death for Jews // Dubai's Lesson to America: How the Middle East's Shangrai La Became a Hell on Earth // American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse // Discover Kauai

[Image: The Feedback of Exile: Interview with Stephen Tourlentes.]


Questioning Authority: A Rethinking of the Infamous Milgram Experiments // Inside Guantánamo Bay // Re-Landscaping the Slum // The Benefits of Nuking Chicago // Open Data: Shuttle Impacts From Space Junk // What's it like to live on a submarine? // Pilvi Takala works: Kulunestokokeilu // Abandoned Boeing 747 Restaurant (and Other Plane Conversions) // A fair cop: Policeman's 'perfect' blog wins Orwell prize // “Sacred Code” // Schneier on Security: Tweenbots // Company pulls plug on `Fallujah' video game

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