Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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[Image: "Cars buried under rubble at the site of the ministry buildings compound. Israeli aircraft bombed a government compound, buildings linked to the Islamic University and the home of a top Hamas commander." / Photo: Abid Katib/Getty Images via NYT.]


A military solution to a war on terrorism is doomed | SF Chronicle // The Internal and External Dimensions of the War on Terror | Persian Journal // David Miliband: 'War on terror' was wrong | The Guardian // Heart of U.S. Occupation Reverts to Iraqi Control | NYTimes.com // Federal Report Finds $100B Failure in US Reconstruction of Iraq | Democracy Now! // Iraq, Afghan Auditors Discuss Rebuilding From Wars | NYTimes

Iraq prison riot leaves 13 dead | Los Angeles Times // In Baghdad, a Trip to Nowhere // Iraq evicts | Squatter City // Baghdad Combats Street Beggars | Planetizen // JFQ Focuses on Land Warfare | Armchair Generalist

Blackwater: Leaving Iraq, Chasing Pirates?, Building a “parallel infrastructure to our national security apparatus”? Jeremy Scahill discusses the legacy and future of Blackwater Worldwide, including its expansion into hot new markets: Chasing Somalian pirates, and total intelligence gathering.

Blackwater's New Business: Training Pro Athletes | Danger Room // Iraq's Shocking Human Toll: About 1 Million Killed, 4.5 Million Displaced, 1-2 Million Widows, 5 Million Orphans | AlterNet // Falluja’s Strange Visitor - A Western Tourist | NYTimes // CNN’s Prisoner of War | Men’s Journal // Australian family caged, detained, starved and deported by US customs | Boing Boing // Second Riot in 2 Months at GEO's Reeves County Detention Center Leaves Injuries, Significant Damage // Pecos prison dreams up in smoke

War games | Jerusalem Post // Cyber army base attracts recruits | BBC

Israeli settlements on occupied territory are seen as illegal by the rest of the world. But now an Israeli human rights group is saying that even under Israeli law, one of the most significant and well-established settlements is unlawful.Major Israeli settlement 'unlawful' | BBC // Secret Israeli database reveals full extent of illegal settlement | Haaretz // Mapping Israeli Settlements on the West Bank // Life in the border zones | International Solidarity Movement // Gary Fields, "Ex-Communicated: Enclosure Landscapes in Palestine" // Who will rebuild Gaza? | BBC // With remnants of war, the wreck of a Gaza hospital turns into a gallery | Chicago Tribune

[Image: Holding on to Afghan control? "American soldiers held on to boxes and shielded themselves from the prop wash as a helicopter landed at Observation Post Mace in eastern Afghanistan's remote Nuristan Province." / Photo: Bob Strong/Reuters via NYT.]

'Viagra lure' for Afghan warlords | BBC // Ann Jones, The Afghan Reconstruction Boondoggle | Tomgram // New Troop Deployments to Afghanistan Will Only Feed Insurgency, Says Report | MotherJones // The Empire v. The Graveyard | Tomgram // All Your Base Are Belong to Uzbekistan | Danger Room // Air Base Loss Could Hobble Afghan War Effort | Danger Room // With attacks on Afghan supply lines in Pakistan, US turns to Uzbekistan | CSMonitor // U.S. Plans $200 Million Expansion for Kabul Embassy // …Actually, on second thought, Cancel that.

Chalmers Johnson, Economic Death Spiral at the Pentagon | Tomgram // The Frontier Analogy | Global Guerrillas // ANTIDOTE: Great Powers | Global Guerrillas // CTLab Virtual Symposia – Cities and the Scientific Way of Warfare // CTLab: Spatial Forces Index

Stimulus Planning for Interrogators

[Image: Islamabad Marriott reopens three months after truck bombing | Los Angeles Times.]

Fortress Urb

Obama's 'Beast' of a car revealed | BBC // New tape to protect buildings from explosions // NYPD Wants to Jam Cell Phones During Terror Attack | Danger Room // The Social In Security | Planetizen // Islamabad Marriott reopens three months after truck bombing | Los Angeles Times // Jonathan Glancey on the new US embassy in Iraq | The Guardian // The Bush Zone | Archinect // Another Artist arrested under Anti-Terrorism laws | FAD // Los Angeles - Photogs Fight Back | LA Weekly // 'Securing the City - Inside America’s Best Counterterror Force — the NYPD,' by Christopher Dickey | Book Review, NYTimes

[Image: Doomsday Weapons: a Photo Restrospective | Danger Room.]

Inside the Danger Room

Stopping Trucks the Superhero Way // How to Win a 'Fifth-Generation' War // How Tech Changes Our Thinking About War // Doomsday Weapons: a Photo Restrospective // Google Maps Now Shows VP's Crib // Going Solar in Baghdad // NATO Wants Sim Afghanistan to Test War Plans // Robot Planes, Life-and-Death Choices Over Gaza

[Image: Undetectable Surveillance Window Patent Awarded, Wired.]


House of Lords: rise of CCTV is threat to freedom | The Guardian // 'We must protect privacy from over-zealous state' | The Guardian // Surveillance is 'inescapable' part of life in Britain | The Guardian // How do we move beyond ‘I’m being watched’? | MUTE // Private firm may track all email and calls | The Guardian // We Live in Public Tracks Net Spycam Madness | The Underwire // The Office of Community Sousveillance | we make money not art // Tactical Training, Real & Virtual Prison Management | Prison Photography // House Approves Un-Watchlist of People Who Aren't Terrorists | Threat Level // Peter Campbell: The Lens of War | New Left Review

[Image: Jean Gaumy Mass in the chapel. The prisoners are isolated in individual compartments. Caen. Maison d'arrêt. 1976 Via Jean Gaumy: Les Incarcérés | Prison Photography]


Rural Texas town permits shooting of feral dogs // Zimbabwe’s war of disappearance | open Democracy // Ex-Prostitutes Say South Korea and U.S. Enabled Sex Trade Near Bases | NYTimes

A look inside Fidel Castro's mountain hideout Reliving Cuba's revolution | BBC // LTTE Chief Prabhakaran lived in the lap of luxury | Times of India // Abandoned Prime Minister's mansion in Beirut -- infiltration photos | Boing Boing // Untouched East Germany flat found | BBC // Abroad - The Bergen-Belsen Memorial Museum Views the Holocaust Not From Then but From the Here and Now | NYTimes // Audio-slideshow: Auschwitz in decay | BBC

Burger King Serves Up Cultural Imperialism with "Whopper Virgins" | Infoshop // Business Is Booming for Industry Catering to Survivalists | AlterNet

Networked_Performance — China Channel … browse behind the Wall // China's astroturf army | Boing Boing

State collapse is hard to measure / Fixing a broken world | The Economist // Failed State Index 2008 | Beyond the Beyond
Where cars go to wait | Space & Culture

Fairy Tales of the Atomic Age | Orion Magazine // Moors built with powdered bones | Archinect // An Afghan Secret Revealed Brings End of an Era | NYTimes

Fortifications Tour | BLDGBLOG // Military Natures | Temporary Travel Office // Tarim Desert Highway; The Artificial Hills of Berlin (and Guangdong)| Pruned // Invasive Species | Bouphonia // Ant Farm Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule) | Life Without Buildings Interviews Ant Farm // Alexander Kluge: Brutality in Stone | elseplace // The Legibility of Destruction | a456

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