Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peripheral Milit_Urb 24

WebUrbanist » Creatively Converted Sea Forts of Great Britain: Strange Adaptive Reuse of Military Architecture // Pruned: Boullée in North Dakota // Heavy Load-Exerting Concrete Body and Other Structural Near-Analogues // Dos personas en el centro de Sevilla


Baghdad in the sun ...

Iraqis see red as U.S. opens world's biggest embassy // Months-delayed U.S. Embassy ready in Baghdad // New embassy in Iraq short on beds // Iraq: Shiites Hit Green Zone with Rockets, Mortars // Amusement Park Planned for Baghdad // Tourist Mecca? U.S. Dreams for Baghdad // Golfing Baghdad's Green Zone: a course with real bunkers

"Kurdistan Gas City" // 'They're in Good Hands': Inside the Hospitial at Iraq's Balad Air Base // U.S. Army to Baghdadis: Do you really live here? // Dyncorp Used Armored Car To Transport Prostitutes in Iraq // EXCLUSIVE...In Their First Joint Interview, Two Ex-KBR Employees Say They Were // Raped by Co-Workers in Iraq // Contractors Gone Wild // Where Time Stops

"Soon, the US will need a Secretary of Walls and Fences." // Fortress America // Welcome to the Age of Homeland Insecurity // In Sadr City, Basic Services Are Faltering // Jeremy Scahill Confronts BlackWater Honchos // 28 km bridge to link Africa and Middle East


Syrian Nuke Site Disguised as Byzantine Fortress? // Somali Pirate Map Found! // Somali Pirates At It Again (Updated) // Pirate Whack-a-Mole on the High Seas // Taliban Targets Roads // $190 Billion for "Modular Army" // NYC Is Getting a New High-Tech Defense Perimeter. Let's Hope It Works // The Pentagon is Everywhere // Olympic-Torch Security Troops Block Everest Bloggers' Climb // Navy Wants to Militarize Bioluminescence // NSA Attacks West Point! Relax, It's a Cyberwar Game // Sat Photos Reveal // China's Nuke Missile Sites // Iraqi Extremists Claim Killer Drone Takeover // Video: Night Vision Goggles, Very Useful


Chicago sleepwalks into the surveillance society with "intelligent" networked cameras // New security camera can 'see' through clothes // Airports in NYC, L.A. begin using revealing body scanners // First-Class Privilege - Airport Security// Band "shoots" video by sending Data Protection Act requests to CCTVs that caught them performing // Graffiti artist Banksy pulls off most audacious stunt to date - despite being watched by CCTV // Mapping post-election violence in Zimbabwe // Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in US // Do satellite photos show Iran ballistic missile facility?

Jane’s Reveals China’s New Nuclear Naval Base Through Satellite Photograph Analysis // China's Underground Submarine Base Scrutinized // 'Secret' Chinese Submarine Base on Hainan Island

Art works blow new life into Berlin bunker // Pole transforms Nazis' giant Berlin bunker into a gallery of modern art // Chechnya’s Capital Rises From the Ashes, Atop Hidden Horrors // Homo Ludens Ludens - Art of War - we make money not art // Book review - Verb Crisis // Strategic Command (StratCom) in Context: The Hidden Architecture of U.S. Militarism // The Spatial Dynamics of COIN // Civil War buffs couldn't see history for the trees // A Disney Resort for the Military, Shades of Green // Facts about unsual apects of NORAD // How to build a business in a nuclear bunker // old English bomber control panels // Fort Huachuca to get wind-power plant // Can Deep Green help a combat commander? // Server site designed to keep outsiders at bay // More Acoustic Locators « KuiperCliff // Urban security goes high-end // COLORADO STATE ENGINEERS IMPROVE RADAR FOR MILITARY TO USE IN URBAN AREAS // To Catch a Car Thief, the Police Exercise a Little Remote Control // Armed to kill in national parks? // Living with the Americana at Brand // Designing out terror - Building // New US Embassy in Berlin Triggers Architecture Debate// Military construction gigs gain allure // INTEGRITY « LEBBEUS WOODS

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