Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Desert Pearl of Privatopia

[Image: An artist’s impression of the Universitas Leadership Sanctuary in the Nevada desert, courtesy of Chetwood Associates, via The Guardian.]

Floating amidst some yet unseen mirage aglaze over the pink Nevada floorscape is a proposed new retreat for the world’s top brass to quietly converge and unwind within the pleasant confines of this preeminent orb of privatopic escape. Reminiscent perhaps of a fallen Death Star, or a desert pearl settled in the valleys of some of America's most remote real estate, The Universitas Leadership Sanctuary is hailed by the Guardian as a globular sphere of monkish architecture, a miniaturized vacation planet that is “part monastery and part conference centre” intended to strip presidents, prime ministers and the most powerful people on Earth of their monumental stresses, and restore them to proper world governing condition.
Wow. It's like an intergalactic rehab resort for the planet's greatest megalomaniacs. Maybe a new reality show for VH1 is in order here. I can see it now, Dubya hangin' out all day at the house putting green hankering for his whiskey and coke, chippin' up a bunch of irreplaced divots from the fringe while Kim Jong-il scrounges undercover in some opulent gardens for anything seemingly poppy-related; maybe Putkin's there all lacquered up in a glossy white suntan lotion gritting his teeth and grinding his jaw eyeing behind some shades a skeletally fraile Lindsay Lohan from across the suspended swimming pool who's busy giggling and fondling the biceps of one of the male nurses; meanwhile, good old Danny Baldwin is lecturing from a covered patio with a microphone and a nasty cough on the value of saving lives through intervention to a lonely audience member, the one and only Nicolas Sarkozy, who sits cross legged in a summery men's bikini secretly dreaming about satiating his addiction to women as Danny cycles through an apparently unrelated slideshow full of random Hollywood hotties.
I don't know, who else?
Anyway, whatever...


Blogger jannx said...

That this stuff can even be thought of legally is astonishing. Obviously the mask is off. There are two classes now that Vassar has dropped the veil; moneyed/ruling and wage earning/indebted..

It should be illegal. It is definitely immoral. This is what started the Chinese, Russian, French and American revolutions. The only difference was how the wealth was held.

I just returned from Bethlehem PA. There's a story. A formerly proud industrious city now being transformed into another Vegas/Atlantic City. Ghosts are shaking their heads. Retirees are struggling and remaining "Proud Americans" while the leaders consider where to go for a much needed relief from stress.

I could become anti-establishment very easily these days.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I read about this in a Charlie Stross book. Or, wait, maybe it was The Watchmen.

9:20 AM  

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