Thursday, March 06, 2008

Walling Up the Rio Grande

[A great video by Valley News Line (Ron Whitlock) on the local Rio Grande Valley's diverse but united community response to the Department of Homeland Security's threat to take private land and erect miles of border fencing for millions of dollars through the Valley between the United States and Mexico. Particularly, comments made at the end by Texas State Representatives Aaron Peña and Eddie Lucio III who very simply and eloquently state the sheer absurdity of the fence with regards to the perilous local economic impact, the enormous waste of money that could be so much better spent investing in Mexico instead, not to mention the failed cultural and symbolic legacy the fence would prolong with Mexico, overtly sabotaging international relations, and the message a wall would send to the rest of the world ignorant of the larger global history of border walls and ultimately their inevitable backlash. Check it out.]

A town against the wall
Border barrier to skirt Rio Grande, avoid private land
Richard D. Vogel, "Nature v. the Department of Homeland Security: Eco-War on the Rio Grande"
Chertoff being sued at Texas border


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