Friday, February 29, 2008

Subtopia, back from the dead, with eternal thanks to Pruned!

[Image via Pruned]

Well, Subtopia faced some very scary moments here last night. You may, or may not have noticed, but beginning somewhere around 8:00 PM everything I had ever written on this silly site had somehow pulled a peculiar disappearing act. Seriously, every bit of text in my posts (except for the links, go figure) had literally vanished, even the comments, leaving behind a barren landscape of missing captions to photographs lost for explanation; links left hovering in mid blog air still in the places of their sentence structures which had abandoned them in a flash of vocabularic genocide. It was like some mysterious worded carpet had been pulled out from underneath our itchy little feet, with nothing behind but a hollow shell of military urbanism’s literary sidekick to end our show.
Thanks to Geoff for spotting this and tipping me off, and to Dan for offering some good thoughts on how I might troubleshoot this blindsided attack on our run-on little scribe here.
But, of course, before anything, all I could do is flip out!
I mean, what the hell happened? Subtopia -- left a pale ghost of itself, was that how we were going to go out? Was it an insidious Blogger bug that suddenly took hold as another fix went heinously awry? Did someone spike us with an epic blog-post sanitizer, or some disarticulating internet bleach? Had I been carefully hacked and censored by the CIA, the NSA? Were those master snoops finally on to us?
It was crazy, to be sure; all that excessive verbiage that has come to define Subtopia, for better or for worse, had just dropped off the face of the planet, vacuumed from the webby universe.
But, not that easily.

Today, however, we must tip our heavy hats and glasses to the one and only Alex Trevi, penman of the incomparably landscape savory Pruned, who stepped in last night like a postmodern on-call house doctor, of sorts; a virtual template wizard who was up with me in the wee hours of the night restoring piece-by-piece the dismembered flat bodied corpus that was left of our helpless little field guide.
Alex, you are AWESOME, man. Seriously, like some nocturnal emergency tinkerer, re-architecting the HTML behind the scenes in a truly exceptional performance of post bed-time hyper programmer rescue mission commitment that can surely not go thanked enough.
So the world must know that SUBTOPIA LIVES TODAY BECAUSE OF PRUNED! In case you haven’t hung out in the luscious gardens of his prose recently, go do it now! By the miraculous fountains of Pruned's youth, the titanic lakes of its self reflection, the nuclear-powered glaciers of its reach; go wander his precious vault of cemeteries ironically enough! Get lost in that labyrinth of agricultural wonder! It is one of the best blogs out there, to be sure.

[Image via Pruned]

Today we can only honor with our highest passion and praise, A.T. himself. Check his masterpiece out now and realize, we moves onwards here and now today because of him and the wicked inspirational work of Pruned!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huzzah for Pruned!
Did you ever figure out what happened?

10:13 AM  
Blogger Bryan Finoki said...

no i didnt, and the blogger help desk sucks .
but, its workin now
yes thx to pruned

only issue now is my broken back\
hence the quiet
struggling with some physical issues
thx nam for checkin in!

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well.. At least you got it back up. I was reading somewhere (maybe Wired) about how one now that many of us have huge parts of our live (writings etc) (digital) saved or stored on sources not owned by us...we are screwed if something happens. We don't own the rights to our own output. I guess emphasizes the need for some sort of backup...
As for the back. That sucks. I have had major back issues a few times. Thanks to a re-accuring back injury incurred in my youth when i was an over zealous powerlifter....
Hope you get better.

5:50 AM  

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