Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My very own border outpost

So, I made it back from another jaunt to the border, this time – my very own little border zone down south, of new places filled between San Diego and Tijuana, and I have to say – I really didn’t feel like coming back! Seriously, it was so nice down there. I had a ridiculously amazing time, so let me just say thanks to Catherine Herbst for inviting me, having me (I’m glad you thought I came across like an old pro!) how cool. And to Andrea Dietz, for taking such good care of me, setting me up, shuttling me around, and for setting me straight on my lack of history in regards to the precarious relationship architects have always shared with political power – much needed insight, and I will have to dive deeper before making future assertions about architects relationships with the clouds – so thanks again!

Also, a huge thanks goes out to Erre for the opportunity to present at his incredibly cool space Estación Tijuana, which was perfectly enough totally surrounded by cops just as I got there (apparently they knew I was coming into town and cordoned off the entire neighborhood!) – great time, great conversation afterward, and I can’t wait to get back down there and hang out some more.

And of course, a super huge thanks to Rene Peralta – whom I call The Architectural Mayor of Tijuana – seriously, if you ever want to get a tour of the city (which I am thoroughly in love with at this point), roll around with Rene. I can’t imagine getting a more contextualized urban lesson in the making, unmaking, and remaking of the Tijuana landscape. Not only did I get to climb wicked vantages over the outskirts of the city in his gutsy little truck, or roam the strange securitized maquiladora districts along the border with all their corporate logos, or check out Mona! and a sweet little look out spot over the fence; not to mention the tunnel house or that sexy salsa club, or a brief history of old TJ jazz bars, and even the birth spot of the Cesar Salad!; there was also that vintage little sidewalk Cuban cigar shop, and Dandy’s Del Sur, and of course the fact that I had the best mole probably ever prepared on the planet – man, I feel like I have a new little family down there now, a new comuna! I mean, my very own little border-watching network, that looks both ways!

What a great time. THANKS TO EVERYONE who came to hang out (Jesie all the way from LA, I'll be in touch soon!), MOST appreciated y'all. And thanks for the good questions and conversation after, and for ganging me around for beers, and those tasty tacos on the roof!
Damn, it’s over, went by quick. Man, I need to learn Spanish ASAPS (that's for sure), and I need to learn to Salsa! But, who knows, there may already be some plans in the works to get my ass down there again real soon. Stay tuned.

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[Images: Subtopia / Bryan Finoki, 2008]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harpers Weekly ...
At 20 points along the Gaza Strip's southern border, Hamas operatives detonated explosives to topple an Israeli-built fence, allowing as many as 200,000 Palestinians--13 percent of the territory's population--to cross into Egypt and shop. The Gazans purchased camels, candy, cement, chairs, cheese, cigarettes, computers, cows, doughnuts, gasoline, generators, goats, mattresses, medicine, motorcycles, pistols, potato chips, sheep, snack cakes, soap, and televisions. Supplies at Egyptian shops dwindled, prices spiked, and fistfights ensued. Several Gazan women married Egyptians, and the Israel Defense Force patrolled its southern border for would-be suicide bombers and hostage takers.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Alejandra Mondaca / Séptimo Sentido said...

It has been very nice to find your blog. I'm doing my master thesis on the border, so all that I read about it has become very interesting.

Right now I live in Mexico City but I'm a border girl from Sonora.

See you!


11:51 AM  
Blogger Subtopia said...

hey thanks
appreciate your comment.
curious more about your border thesis. email if you feel so inclined.
anyway, thanks for reading, i love mexico, cant t get to mexico city one day.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Mario Ballesteros said...

congrats bryan

que envidia

btw: http://borderlandia.wordpress.com

2:07 AM  

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