Friday, August 17, 2007

Peripheral Milit_Urb 18

[Image: Artist Tirzo Martha in the NY Arts Mag.]


Beyond Moses and Jacobs // Sorry, Thomas Friedman, the World Is Round // Poor people are not a threat to social order : The real threat comes from attempts to expel them from the city // Squatter War a comin' in Metro Manila? // Brazil: the shadow of urban war // °Objects of aid // The Pentagon as Global Landlord (Nick Turse) // When Anthropologists Go to War // In the Lawless Post-Katrina Cleanup, Construction Companies Are Preying on Workers // FEMA Knew Of Toxic Gas In Trailers // Can The Corps Correct Its Mistakes? // Engineers to Test Flood Defenses In New Orleans // Disaster Planning Is Critical, but Pick a Reasonable Disaster // Israeli Apartheid // Maquilapolis (A Review) (Previously) // Responsibility and neo-liberalism // Arctic Warfare Heats Up: Canadians Step In (Updated)

[Image: Ironic Sans has a roundup of logos for terrorist groups, clustered into graphic categories: Stars, One Gun, Two Guns Crossed, Other Weapons Crossed, Crossbones, Animals with Multiple Heads, and Other. (via Boing Boing).]

IRAQ, THE WAR ON TERROR (and a few things in between)

Iraq's Long, Winding Supply Lines; Crisis Looms for Iraq's Grid, Water Systems // Video Tours of Baghdad // Is the United States Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month? Or Is It More? // Iraq Is About to Become a Lot Worse // 1000 contractors 'reported' dead in Iraq // A U.S. Planner's Experience In Iraq // Basra Doctors Strike Demanding Protection for Their Families and Themselves // Carnage from the Air and the Washington Consensus // Airship vs. A-bomb // Lebanon's Compounded Tragedy // In pictures: Rebuilding Lebanon // Terrorist logos: graphic design // Oklahoma offers Global War on Terrorism license plates // Good intro to Swarm Theory // Agent-Based Modeling of Irregular Warfare (ABMIW) // Knowing the Enemy // The Twelve Step Program for Terrorists (Updated) // The Pentagon Sends Messengers of Apocalypse to Convert Soldiers in Iraq // I Guess the War on Terror Is Indeed Eternal // On the Front Line in the War on Terrorism // A very private war // Terrorism on the Rise (NYT Maps) // Flush with Profits from the Iraq War, Military Contractors See a World of Business Opportunities //

[Image: Camera Silens.]


New York Plans Surveillance Veil for Downtown (Schneier) // Newark Unveils New Surveillance Program // S.F. public housing cameras no help in homicide arrests // Watching cities in 4D // Global Biometric Border Checks // Pentagon Plots Digital "Crystal Ball" to "See the Future" in Battle // Dual Use // °Morale // Five Ways Bush's Era of Repression Has Stolen Your Liberties Since 9/11 // Camera Silens // Security firms working on devices to spot would-be terrorists in crowd // Interest in Post-9/11 Security Technology Diminishes // DARPA Vision: "Unblinking" Spy Drones, Veggie-Powered Killer Bots // Radar Bankshots for All-City Surveillance // Can you catch a killer before they commit a crime? // In China, a high-tech plan to track people // US Spy Agencies See Bloggers as Journalists // How Bush Gained the Power to Spy on You without Security Justifications // Privatized Panopticon

[Image: Arms Control Wonk diagnoses the secret nuclear infrastructure in Iran.]


Army Energy Answer: Inflatable Domes (also) // The Precision Container Air Delivery System (PCADS) // Tunnels Near Natanz (Iran) // Vaux-le-Vicomte in the DMZ // 10-foot-deep trench will protect Iraqi city of Karbala (more) // Hizballah lays cable to own local comm network // Sentinels at Sea // Squirrel Spies: a Nutty Story // Airport lines for security even longer // SFO to add airport security express lane for approved travelers // Half Billion Dollar U.S. Embassy in Baghdad 'Not Big Enough'?; Video: Slave Labor Builds U.S. Embassy? // Groom Lake Expands...and Prepares for UFOs (a related video) // Prora. // Stasi smell museum // Scar Tissue // The Island of Forgotten Diseases.

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