Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's like one crazy word: ICON-ON-POSTOPOLIS! I like saying it, what can I say? So I finally got my hands on a copy of the current issue of ICON magazine that includes a sweet review of Postopolis! It’s hard to believe it’s already been three months since we converged at the Storefront in Manhattan, having pulled off one of the most exciting weeks of my life.

Lamenting as I may be, it was a great rush of reminders and recollections to read this piece written by Bill Millard, who did indeed (as the article states) “lurk for a hot, noisy week” – so much so you could have easily mistaken him for an inside organizer of the whole thing. Seriously, Bill didn’t miss a beat, he was on it the entire time with his notepad and sidebar inquiries, and I truly enjoyed talking with you Bill!
Definitely check out the article if you get the chance, it not only captures the essence of the tonality of Postopolis!, for which he writes, “is an assertion: it claims territory to organize, while democratizing an often jargon-plagued conversation,” but also the way it all went down.

“Appropriately, the pivoting perforations of Storefront’s façade brought Manhattan’s noise, grit and punishing heat directly into the pie-slice-shaped gallery, making Postopolis! the anti-thesis of an academic conference in an antiseptic hotel ballroom. Hearing speakers over vehicle noise was daunting the first day, an acceptable nuisance by the second and an enjoyable bit of local colour by mid-conference.”

No question, the Storefront was the perfect place for Postopolis! and any architectural blogosphere’s Woodstock part two will have a tough act to follow in any other location. That said, wherever ‘Blogstock II’ takes place I know you will be there Bill and so I will see you then!

(Oh, and don't miss while you are browsing the mag, which is a landmark 50th issue edition, a mini-manifesto written by Geoff, one of our co-conspirators from BLDGBLOG. And, incidentally, the Storefront is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary, so if you are in NYC towards the end of September, go go go! Thanks again Bill!)


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