Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tent City Surveillatopia

[Images: This article on the National Guard in New Mexico stationed along the Mexican border says these tents house around 300 NG members and can withstand winds up to 85 mph. Like nomadic deployable future desert shells what strikes me most though is their similarity to the tents used to incarcerate illegal immigrants in nearby Raymondville, Texas. Unlike those detention circus canopies which take a day, these are up in 72 hours. Maybe it's just me but they look like they could double up, so when the NG finishes their mission the tents could easily be re-purposed for detention.
Not that I am suggesting that, of course. It's just an incredibly grim observation.

Aside from some descriptions of the National Guard's Operation Jump Start duties supporting the Border Patrol with surveillance infrastructure and logistics, this is the quote of the article: “I thought there was going to be more action, more challenges,” she [a National Guard troop] said. “I thought I was going to capture undocumented immigrants or that I was going to be able to use my rifle, something like that.”]


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