Friday, March 23, 2007

The State of FEMA

[Image: Thousands of FEMA trailers sitting idle and for sale in Hope, Ak. Photo Credit: By Danny Johnston/AP, Washington Post, 2007.]

Ok, so we’ve read the reports: "Toxic Trailers Are Making Katrina Refugees Ill"; Trailers, Vital After Storm, Now Pose Risks; FEMA Squandering Millions; Mike Davis weighed in on New Urbanism, the GOP, FEMA, calling the impending gentrification in New Orleans "ethnic cleansing"; and with the recent removal of people from the sickly trailers another wave of homeless people have gone as far as to call it "Hurricane FEMA"; and now, in response to our own earlier post (FEMA Wasted) we learn how not only did FEMA buy "145,000 trailers and mobile homes just before and after Katrina hit, spending $2.7 billion largely through no-bid contracts," which have largely sat unused on a lot in the state of Arkansas that almost looks big enough to just be called its own state -- a state of wasted space -- now, it seems FEMA is "selling off as many as 41,000 of the homes, netting, so far, about 40 cents on each dollar spent by taxpayers."
Will the hemorrhaging ever stop?


Blogger Bryan Finoki said...

CSMonitor: Surge in homeless hits New Orleans

The city has double the homeless it had before hurricane Katrina – but far fewer emergency shelters.

4:17 PM  

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