Sunday, October 15, 2006

a little guardian angel barricade...

[Image: Blanco Barricade, an installation by Matthijs Bosman, 2005.]

Not exactly a voided border, but perhaps another landscape poem, nonetheless. This innocent looking - dare I say, beautiful, even - blockade begs for a history, a raison d’être in this little corner of the world. This soft white cordon silently weeps for our attention.

Could this be the ghost of some past barricade, roaming these sad abandoned villa streets in search of the lost souls it once protected? Like the puritanical remains of a once bloody, little known, and now forgotten revolution here where a tiny squat of immigrants miraculously fended off the street-scraping evictions of an iron-fisted deportation campaign?

Or, is it the unrendered futurism of an unknown borderzone to come, a foreboding surrender to conflict lurking ever so quietly around the corner?
Perhaps, it is an alien barricade, a lost barricade, or, a magical windswept monument to civil upheaval wistfully wandering the globe, that will soon vanish, only to reappear again in some other curious place, like a nomadic settlement, or ramshackle shield for all those persecuted by abusive militancy. Is this a small but not insignificant counterpart to the nomadic fortress?
Like a little guardian angel barricade...

(via: artbbq kunstenaars verlinkt)


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