Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ruins of Lebanon

[Early morning smoke rises in southern Beirut after a night of bombing.]

Photos of Lebanon's devestated infrastructure by Simon Norfolk in the New York Times Magazine, Sunday August 20, 2006.

[An oil storage depot for the power plant at Jiyeh, on fire from being bombed in the first few days of the war.]

[Bombed buildings in the Dahiya district of southern Beirut.]

[Oil storage tanks at Beirut international airport.]

[In Rmeileh, the bridge on the main road to the south of Lebanon was destroyed in an Israeli air attack. 10 people were killed.]

[The remains of the Halat-Fidar bridge in Lebanon, on Aug. 4, hours after Israeli air strikes destroyed it.]

[Refugees from the bombings slept in Sanayeh Park in central Beirut.]

[The storage depot for the power station at Jiyeh, as seen from the Sand's Rock resort.]


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