Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Borderline Vertigo

Apparently, two Egyptians flew to Belarus with the intention of sneaking in to Europe. So, they headed on down to the border, where else, where barbed wire fences were the only things that separated them from their dreams of wandering Polish pastures and sniffing European soil. But, to get across the two figured they'd dig their way under the fence, making sure not to be seen of course. They even avoided buying a spade nearby, they said, so as to not give themselves away. Instead, our clever border crossers used a good old fashioned shoehorn. And it worked. Not sure how long it took them but they tunneled themselves a nice passage underneath the barbed wire into Poland. Sounds absurd, like Checkov waiting for Godot, or something. But, it gets better. Once surfaced in Poland, and wandering around the country side, they stumbled upon another border fence. Yup, barbed wire, just like the first one. Thinking they had now reached Germany, they whipped out their trusty shoehorn and furiously fashioned themselves yet another secret tunnel. Though, this time, while merrily skipping along to what they thought was the good beat of a new life in Europe, they were quickly picked up by some border patrol agents, who informed them - hey, guess what, this aint Germnany, welcome to Belarus. Doh!

[Read more about it in Mosnews and the BBC. This little story was spotted at the omnipresent Phronesisaical.]


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