Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cruz along the border...

Architecture Radio has posted a mp3 of a lecture given back in February by Teddy Cruz.

From the site: "Inspired by his studio's location at the border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico, Cruz's work explores the uniqueness of this bicultural territory. Cruz's work integrates research, theory, and design production to create architecture, interiors, furniture, installations, public art, and landscape interventions. Over the past decade, Cruz has demonstrated a commitment to finding architectural and urban planning solutions for global political and social problems that proliferate in international border zones. Taking his theoretical frame of reference as a starting point, Cruz has pursued investigations that stimulate an unconventional practice addressing the future of "divided" cities and the larger phenomenon of border zones. Cruz currently teaches at Woodbury University where he is forming "Border Institute" (BI) to further research the urban phenomena at the border between the United States and Mexico." (via: Archinect)


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