Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Imaging Mugabe's Squatter Urbicide

[Images: From this Press Release, "Amnesty International today released the first-ever satellite images of the wholesale destruction of a large community in Zimbabwe -- providing the clearest possible evidence to date of the devastating impact of the Zimbabwean government's policy of house demolitions." These images are of Porta Farm where roughly 20,000 peoples' homes were destroyed. President Mugabe's "Operation Drive Out Trash" has said to have directly rendered 700,000 people homeless.
After thousands were taken and released from holding camps, the government promised "every household four asbestos sheets and poles to make a 3x5 meter shed, regardless of family size. They were told that using plastic sheeting or any other material to wall off the structure was not allowed, because that would create a shantytown." (via: BBC)]


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