Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More Camouflage Jazzercise

There’s a conference this Saturday, April 22, that sounds pretty cool. "Camouflage: Art, Science and Popular Culture" brings together artists, scientists and scholars from different countries to explore “all aspects of camouflage, including artistic, military, scientific, natural, psychological, magical, fashion-related and ironic aspects of concealment and deception.” Sounds interesting and akin to Hirschhorn’s whacked installation.

From this review: “It is the first conference of its kind, founded and organized by camouflage expert Roy Behrens, professor of art at the University of Northern Iowa. He will present a chronology of camouflage from the 19th century to present day.”

Behrens: "I think it's a compelling subject. We live in a time when it is increasingly easy for people to be tricked and deceived. Camouflage is a visual medium we're not supposed to see. It deceives and tricks the eye and the mind. [...] Camouflage is about making the visible 'invisible.' The military used camouflage, as we know it now, to confuse and conceal ships and aircraft from observation, but it has been adapted in a vernacular way for other uses."

Get to the University of Northern Iowa early, show starts at 8:45.

[Images are from the book, Disruptive Pattern Material: An Encyclopedia Of Camouflage by Hardy Blechman] Also, on Subtopes: Hiding in perspective....


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