Sunday, March 12, 2006

urban syntax: at the border...

[Images: Teddy Cruz, in the 'Shantytowns as a New Suburban Ideal', NYT '06]


Save Iraq One Switch at a Time : High Tech Versus Low : The Builders : Navy wants to build a 661-square-mile sonar practice range off the North Carolina coast : Can you say "Permanent Bases"? : San Antonio's Economic Pillar: The Military

U.S., Britain conduct nuclear experiment at Nevada Test Site
U.S. government stages "mock attack" exercise to shut down bloggers : Rumsfeld's Incomplete Information War : Justices side with military recruiters

Jump, roll and leap into 'parkour' : Subtopia: Peripheral Milit_Urb 1 & 2

The Post-Military Context

Ukrainian Museum Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Chornobyl Disaster with Multi-Media Exhibition Chronicling Life in Affected Areas
War tourists fight to see Bosnia's past

Your very own Russian aircraft carrier - converted into a floating theme park with a movie theater and restaurants

Foster Redeveloping Island in St. Petersburg, Russia


The Architecture of Israel’s Brutal Occupation & its "Matrix of Control" : Rogers supports the Israeli Security Wall : The Israeli Wall, the Javits Center and the Bullying of an Architect

Set on bare steep hills, the Israeli Arab town of Umm al-Fahm is known for its religious conservatism, but an Israeli Arab gallery breaks taboos : nearby, Israel closed a key trading point, costing Palestinians $500,000 a day, says the UN.

Israel Expects to Draw Borders by 2010 : Hamas response : (Disengagement's Architect Outlines West Bank Pullout)

Jo'burg and Jerusalem ... worlds apart? : Colonialism, Capitalism and the Making of the Apartheid System of Migration in Canada : Owner-Occupied Homes Wthin Gated Communities is Growing Phenomenon in U.S. : Magical Urbanism: Fortress Cape Town (pt. 1)

"Thinking of Walls"
Musharraf for border fence to fight Qaeda

Pruned: Komsomolets

From Shanty to Sheek

Villagers left in limbo by border fence (video)
Along the border, a land held hostage

Wal-Mart employees expose illegal immigrant's, not terror cell's, bulk phone purchase
Fake doctor gave immigrants phony vaccinations, filed false records
Space and Culture: Theories of the Present

Sex dolls fight Mexican machismo


The Street Samaritans : One million bikes to help alleviate poverty
Darfur's turn for the worse : War follows Us
Refugee Camps or Cities? The Socio-economic Dynamics of the Dadaab and Kakuma Camps in Northern Kenya
The world's lost people: neither refugees nor citizens

Quake aid gives radical Islam a stage

The amazing DIY village FM radio station


Stealth sharks to patrol the high seas : Marine animals used as ocean sensors
Unmanned planes to monitor traffic
Why Data Mining Won't Stop Terror
The Plays and Arts of Surveillance (pdf) (via Anne)
BLDGBLOG: Thousand Mile Colosseum

SVEN - Surveillance Video Entertainment Network
Experiments with Territories: Post Cartographic Map Design
Some companies helped the NSA, but which?
RFID of The Beast


a different conception of property rights : Organizing squatters
S.Lanka tsunami-displaced squat to demand new homes
Clashes over land roil China's poor
Slum Ecology (Mike Davis)
The Politics of Squatter (Gecekondu) Studies in Turkey (pdf) (Tahire Erman)
Conspicuous Consumption Shapes New Tokyo Skyline
Portable med-library in a crate for use in developing world
The Geography of Poverty and Wealth

Water policy 'fails world's poor'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bryan -

Great and fascinating collection of links. Subtopia has continuously been a great read.

I've added a second piece to the Fortress Cape Town article. You and your readers can find it here:

Mike Ernst

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Blogger Jason said...


where did you come up with "urban syntax"

i named a colection of poetry that ages ago..

..not to mention the new nice site BTW.

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