Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hiding in perspective

Speaking of camouflage, you could probably add the photography of dutch artist Desiree Palmen to Gravestmor's 'Notes on the Denial of Perspective'. Clothing as facade, or, the fashion encryption of cloak space. The result is a kind of inflected flatness that allows the subject to squat impercetibly in the open without being seen.

I can picture some architecturally intuitive villain lurking in the backgrounds of a graphic novel this way. Part furtive nomad, part fashion-dependent stalker, part agoraphobic spatial mime, obsessed with angles and depths, the science of perspective, so that he can easily hide out in some innocuous corner, or matted up against an object to haunt you in plain view. Like a geometric chameleon or something, he trespasses the toggle of surveilled space as if it were a kind of urban performance art, (ironically meant to avert the audience's gaze), slipping in and out of (in)visibility through a contortion-ballet of self-framed poses, strategic rest spots, choreographed moments situtated in the blind spots of the public eye's observed spatial indifference.

(Found at Geisha asobi blog)

Gravestmor: Notes on the Denial of Perspective 01 & 02
Subtopia: Our favorite color camouflage


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