Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Guns that guard The Guns

[Image: The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Northern California will now be protected by these new Gatling guns, giving firepower equivalent to a dozen guards armed with standard high-powered rifles. Range: 0.93 mile, (1,500 meters), Firing rate: Up to 4,000 rounds per minute, Cost: between $50,000 and $75,000, depending on accessories: SFGate.]

[Image: The University of California has run Los Alamos National Laboratory (shown here) since 1943. Courtesy of Los Alamos National Laboratory, SFGate.]

Here's a chronological news map of recent activities and operational maneuverings that have been shaking up the Lab in past months:

UC has run the nation's top weapons lab for six decades. Will it all end this week? (November 17, 2005) | Plutonium could be missing from lab 600-plus pounds unaccounted for, activist group says (November 30, 2005) | Nuclear lab gets OK to double plutonium U.S. Energy Dept. approves storage of 300 bombs' worth (December 1, 2005) | UC keeps control of Los Alamos (December 21, 2005) | Bechtel partnership will put lab on a more businesslike footing (December 22, 2005) | 5 workers exposed to deadly plutonium in accident this week (December 23, 2005) | POTENT FIREPOWER FOR WEAPONS LAB (February 3, 2006) | Lab Gatling guns frighten some; others feel safe Weapons designed to protect facility from terrorists (February 4, 2006)


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