Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Withus Oragainstus

"Ever wonder how David slew Goliath? Like the insect, he wasn't afraid to die."

Banksy's gorgeous specimen discovered in the NY Museum of Natural History in March of last year, is a stealthy prototype for an entomomechanophilic army. Today, we'll let the caustic insight of Dr. Hellstrom carry us away:

"Psychiatrists [say], that, from childhood nightmares to adult schizophrenia, the insect is a common fixation on the human mind - partly because his face seems so evil, partly because he is so indestructible. Compared with Man, we have to admit that the insect does not display what we can describe as intelligence. But don't feel too proud about that, because where there is no intelligence, there is also no stupidity. Without the burden of intellect, emotion or individual identity, these creatures were given something we weren't: the knowledge that they must work together to create the elusive utopia - the perfect society. Man will point to nature, claiming War was meant to be. But here they died with reason - through selflessness, not greed. In fighting the insect we have killed ourselves, polluted our water, poisoned our wildlife, permeated our own flesh with deadly toxins. The insect becomes immune, and we are poisoned. In fighting with superior intellect, we have outsmarted ourselves. Of the billions of living things on Earth, only Man ponders his existence. His questions lead to torment, for he is unable to accept, as the insects do, that life's only purpose is life itself."


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