Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Shopping Guide 2: gasping for last minute gifts

Bullet-Resistant Mask
Stephen Armellino. (American, born 1955). Bullet-Resistant Mask. 1983. Kevlar and polyester resin. Manufactured by U.S. Armor Corporation. Never know when one of these may come in handy.

Or any of these: Evac-U8 Smoke Hood - DuPont : M'95 Gas Mask - SaferAmerica: Potomac Escape Hood - SaferAmerica: QuickPro Escape Hood - SaferAmerica

Bardas Protection System for Adults photo Core77
The 'Bardas Protection System for Adults', by Bezalel Research & Development. Because you can never be too sure.

The Spider Boot Antipersonnel Mine Foot Protection System shields a mine sweeper's feet from explosions and flying fragments. Designer: Gad Shaanan Design, Inc. USA Manufacturer: Med-Eng Systems Inc., Canada (2005). There are times when even the best of us forget where we placed these exactly.

Being by Safeware - bullet resistant shirt
The line of garments adopts a layer system that incorporates materials such as polycarbonate, metal foil, or swan feathers mixed with cotton in order to add ballistic protection and reinforcement to everyday clothes. By Arik Levy, Tal Lancman and Maurizio Galante. photo Core77 For the kids, you know.

Homeland Security Blanket, 2002 - FutureFarmers Everyone should feel safe wrapped up in one of these this Christmas.

Tobias Wong Ballistic Rose Brooch
Designed by New York artist/designer Tobias Wong, the Ballistic Rose is an ingenious alternation on the classic rose icon. Instead of traditional silk or velvet, Wong has created a feminine icon for the 21st century out of bulletproof Kevlar fabric. Limited edition. Jut give it to her, your sexy little spymate will love it.

CheckGate 9000 - Metal detector - Safer America. Not even Santa himself would be able to get by this without setting off the alarm.

Suited for Subversion - via we-make-money-not-art Keep this one for yourself. Trust me, you'll thank me later.


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