Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Subtopia Lecture: Ruin Machine

Dear all. It’s been way too long for the eerie subtopian silence to not finally come to an end, I know (and appreciate your patience!) but I’m afraid you will need to appreciate the drippy echoes of our sealed bunker here a bit longer.
But, I have several updates coming in the near future as soon as I have time! There was a trip to Detroit that was more than fascinating, and I just returned from a truly excellent and inspired weeklong workshop in Graz, Austria. There have also been some publications, and of course much to say about the two classes I've been teaching here at Woodbury; not to mention some future plans already in the works for next year. But, it will have to wait, I’m sorry.
However, if you are in San Diego this Thursday night I invite you to attend a presentation I am giving here at Woodbury’s School of Architecture at 6:30 PM, as I am the inaugural speaker kicking off a month long lecture series here on the post-industrial landscape. I will be discussing ruins in the context of globalization and the “geopolitics of decay.”
This is also working in conjunction with the next installment of OTRA/Another 2009, an architectural exhibition curated by my friend and colleague Rene Peralta focusing on the theme of Infrastructure, which will open to the public at Woodbury this Fri. evening. Go here for details of the participants.
For now, lecture details are here: the show begins at 6:30PM at Woodbury University School of Architecture, 2212 Main St., San Diego, 92113.
Hope you all can make it, and come say hello after if you do. Ciao for now, but Subtopia will have lots of news in the near future and hopefully get back on the posting path soon.